“This is 2020. Why are we still talking about discipline?” asks Joanne Robertson-Eletto, a professor in the Master of Science in Teaching Literacy program at Touro College’s Graduate School of Education. 

Jessica Alba has seen her share of classroom tumult.

She’s not alone. There is a growing consensus among experts in the field that teachers who take the time to build stronger relationships with their students can markedly reduce the classroom disruptions that too often mar the school day. This approach can also make teachers more effective in dealing with any acting-out behaviors that do occur.

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Jessica Alba

This is 2020. Why are we still talking about discipline?

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One student would constantly sit with arms crossed, silent. “To a teacher it looks like defiance,” she says. “But I took time to speak to her mother, I got her back-story and came to find out that this was her first year in a special education setting and she was worried about the stigma that was created around that.

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